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Medical Treatment of Glaucoma

When glaucoma is first diagnosed your doctor will usually prescribe an eye drop to help control your intraocular pressure to help preserve vision. Sometimes use of more than one eye drop is necessary to help control the intraocular pressure. Medical treatment is also, often used in conjunction with laser and surgical treatment of glaucoma. Currently there are five types of pharmacological compounds available to reduce intraocular pressure:



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Mandated Color Coding

The FDA has mandated a color-coding of the bottle tops to help patients, doctors and pharmacists to better indentify the various drops available to treat glaucoma. All brand name drops and some generics adhere to these guidelines.


Your doctor may recommend that you use a combination of these drugs to help preserve your vision. Currently a few combo eye drops are available commercially. If using more than one eye drop at the same time, please be sure to leave a five minute gap between instillation of the two different eye drops, to ensure you do not wash out the previous eye drop. The conjunctival cul-de-sac can hold only a single eye drop, so putting more than a single drop leads to wastage and spillage.

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